8 Small Dogs that Shed the Least – Breed Info HERE!

Every dog owner would know the nightmare of intense shedding. Hairballs everywhere: on the couch, floor, furniture, and clothes. So if you’re planning to get another furry buddy, you may want to consider small dogs that shed the least. These breeds don’t shed a lot and will not require a large space in your home. Below, we discuss 8 of the best doggos that you can consider for your home.

Why choose small dogs that shed the least

If you’re tired of removing dog hair everywhere, then you should consider getting the least shedding dog. Also, these doggos will suit families with sensitivities or allergies.

Another great thing about lest shedding dogs is they are more of indoor canines. That means they won’t catch as much dirt as large dogs do outdoors.

Grooming is still necessary!

Take note that even though you have the least shedding dog, you still have to groom it regularly. Since least shedding canines don’t shed their fur, it can grow to lengths that will be detrimental to their health.

Untrimmed fur will cause matting, skin problems, and bad odor. So once in a while, you should get your dog’s fur trimmed and washed. Aside from that, regular brushing is needed to keep your doggo’s smooth, even without bathing.

Why do some dogs shed less than others?

Many wonder why some dogs shed heavily while others don’t drop a single hair. The science behind this is on the type of coat they have.

Most least shedding dogs have hair, not fur. This means that it grows long until it’s trimmed by the owner.

However, you should know that the least shedding dogs are quite high maintenance. This is due to the fact that you’d have to maintain their coat. Still, this sacrifice is worth it, especially for a person with allergies.

8 Small Dogs that Shed the Least

1.     Bichon Frise

small dogs that shed the least

The first pooch in our list of small dogs that shed the least is Bichon Frise. This dog is a ball of energy and craves to be the center of attention. They don’t shed a lot, but that doesn’t mean they are the easiest to groom.

Due to the silky white coat of this doggo, it has to be professionally groomed at least once every quarter. The good thing here is that Bichon Frise doesn’t produce a lot of dander and it barely drools.

Also, Bichon Frise dogs thrive in apartment settings. They’re also great for first-time owners who are looking for a kid-friendly and affectionate pet. Also, the Bichon Frise dog is very easy to train due to their high level of intelligence.

However, you should know that Bichon Frise can be stubborn and imposing. You need to keep them disciplined so these doggos won’t reign over the household. Also, you shouldn’t keep Bichon Frise dogs alone for long periods since they can develop a bad case of separation anxiety.

2.     Affenpinscher

small dogs that shed the least

Next, we have the Affenpinscher dog. It’s a curious and alert canine that will make good companions for families. They have fuzzy, black hair that doesn’t shed. Unlike Bichon Frise, the Affen dogs are a tad easier to groom.

Moreover, this breed doesn’t drool and produce little dander, making them a great choice for households with allergies.

However, if you have a small kid at home, Affenpinschers aren’t for you. These doggos are affectionate to their owners but they aren’t the best in terms of roughhousing.  They are also watchful of strangers, though they don’t mind living in a multi-dog household.

Take note that this dog isn’t the easiest to train despite their high intelligence level. This is due to their intense mouthiness and moderate prey drive. Even though this breed can be a handful, Affenpinschers can still live happily in an apartment with first-time owners. With early socialization and patient training, you can raise a well-rounded Affen.

3.     Brussels Griffon

small dogs that shed the least

For those who are looking for a mild-mannered doggo that will keep them on their toes, a Brussels Griffon is the one to own. Aside from their perky personality, this breed is also one of the small dogs that shed the least.

Overall, Brussels Griffon dogs are affectionate and can tolerate kids. They don’t mind living with other dogs and even cats, too. As for strangers, they take caution but they don’t go neurotic.

Brussels Griffon’s personality falls between an outgoing and a shy dog. However, if you let them reign, they will wield their air of self-importance. They will try to look toughie, though their softie side will always unravel.

Moreover, this breed is a Velcro dog so prepare to be followed wherever you go. This same behavior will also lead a Brussels Griffon doggo to throw tantrums if not given attention or left alone for long hours.

Since this breed can be headstrong at times, they are a challenge to train. This is why you should make training a playtime to keep things interesting.

4.     Maltese

small dogs that shed the least

 A dog’s that’s both fearless and gentle – that’s how pet owners describe the Maltese breed. This dog has a white flowy coat that barely sheds, giving the pooch a noble look. However, this regal-looking canine will also require intense grooming to keep their coats from matting.

Although Maltese dogs are demanding in terms of grooming, they are worth the time. These canines are affectionate Velcro dogs that will become whiny when you leave them behind for long.

However, you have to be careful if you have small kids since this pooch is quite standoffish and can’t tolerate too much pinching. Also, they are in alert mode when strangers are around.

Even if Maltese dogs can be energetic, they suit newbie owners and those living in small apartments. Just take note that they are sensitive dogs and have too much courage than their bodies can handle.

If you are to house a Maltese with other dogs, make sure that they will not get harmed. These little doggos have fragile bodies that can be injured during a dog fight with a larger canine.

5.     Havanese

small dogs that shed the least

Havanese dogs originated in Cuba and were bred for the aristocrats. Nowadays, they are great small dogs that shed the least with a Velcro personality and highly trainable nature.

Pet owners love the ‘smiling’ appearance of Havanese canines, not to mention their vibrant disposition. They are playful doggos, but with a very gentle intensity. They also have a high prey drive, which makes them quite challenging to train despite their intelligence.

Also, Havanese doggos shed very little and they don’t drool. However, they require proper grooming to keep their coats healthy.

Aside from that, Havanese dogs are friendly to everyone. They also make great playmates with kids and they shower their masters with love. Havanese pooches are also goofy and eager-to-please their families.

However, since this breed is a social one, they hate being left alone. They will develop anxiety and other behavioral problems if not accompanied for long periods. 

When it comes to mealtimes, you have to portion control Havanese canines as they have a tendency to gain excess weight. This is something that their small bodies aren’t made for.

6.     Miniature Poodle

Miniature Poodles are smaller versions of the Standard Poodle. Fret not because only the size changed with this doggo. Miniature Poodles still bear the same brilliance and gentle demeanor of their standard origins.

As a retriever, Poodles are great playmates. They are also affectionate with everybody and love to be around their masters. However, never left a Poodle alone as they can get destructive and noisy.

Moreover, Poodles will do well on apartment living and novice owners. Also, they are one of the top choices for allergic individuals since they shed very little and don’t drool.

The best thing about Poodles is that they are intelligent and easy to train. In fact, Standard Poodles are one of the best candidates for service canines.

However, you have to be patient as Poodles tend to be mouthy, which is something that’s innate for a retriever dog. Nevertheless, Poodles are goofy canines and always up for a nice playtime with their owners.

7.     Shih Tzu

small dogs that shed the least

Like Havanese dogs, Shih Tzu has a long and regal hair. Their name Shih Tzu translates to ‘Little Lion’ in English, though they are far from aggressive. These sweethearts are bred as companion dogs and they are one of the notorious Velcro canines.

A usual day for a Shih Tzu is cozying on the couch or sitting at the lap of their owners. They aren’t very vocal canines, but they surely love cuddles with their masters.

Another thing about Shih Tzus is that their flowy hair doesn’t shed. This means you won’t have to deal with hairballs, but you have to groom them regularly.

Moreover, Shih Tzus are affectionate to anyone they meet and they’re always up for playtime. Although they love fun, they are laidback canines who are better kept indoors. Besides, Shih Tzus don’t need a lot of exercise.

 Overall, this doggo is a bit challenging to train. One culprit here is their playful attitude and affinity for mouthing things. Still, they are a joy to have at home.

8.     Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers might be small dogs, but they have a large personality. As a feisty and energetic pet, this breed will require an active owner. They need ample exercise so they won’t topple things inside your home.

Due to their bold nature, Yorkshire Terriers don’t suit homes with small kids. They are also a bit aloof with strangers and are always ready to give other dogs a fight – even those bigger than them. Still, some Yorkies are on the cuddlier spectrum, so it all depends on the individual personality of each pup.

And what else to expect from a headstrong canine? A challenging training session. But with enough patience and the right methods, Yorkshire Terriers will yield to your command. Just make sure that you set the limits with this doggo so they will grow up as disciplined and well-rounded canines.

The biggest benefit of owning a Yorkshire Terrier is its least shedding coat. Also, they don’t drool and they produce the least dander.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What causes a dog to shed excessively?

A: Some dog breeds like Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, and German Shepherds shed all year long. However, there’s a season on which they shed the heaviest, usually the last days of winter leading to spring. But if your dog develops bald patches, it’s due to a specific health condition that requires an immediate remedy.

Q: Do non-shedding dogs smell?

A: Like any canine, least shedding dogs will still smell if you don’t groom it regularly. Take note that since these dogs don’t really shed a lot, you have to trim their coats to prevent matting and odor buildup.

Q: Are non-shedding dogs hypoallergenic dogs?

A: Some refer to non-shedding dogs as hypoallergenic since they don’t produce loose hair. However, no dog is 100% hypoallergenic. Even non-shedding dogs produce dander that can still trigger allergies. Nevertheless, since they don’t shed hair, they produce fewer allergens than heavy-shedding canines.

Q: Do all small dogs suit apartment living?

A: Due to their size, most small dogs can thrive in an apartment setting. However, there are a few that require a large yard or play area where it can run. The key here is knowing the personality of each breed and their energy levels.

Q: Do small dogs have more health problems?

A: It’s safe to say that small dogs have their own share of health problems. However, since small dogs are more fragile in physique, they are prone to injuries if housed in a less ideal home.

Final words

These small dogs that shed the least are just some of the best canines you can get for a pet. But aside from their hypoallergenic nature, you should also consider if the doggo’s personality suits you well. For multi-dog households, always check if the two doggos will get along properly. What do think of these breeds? Did we miss something? Let us know below in the comment section!